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Tropical Bliss Tour 2010
July 27th, 2010

My last tour was killer I had an amazing time playing overseas!  All the different venues, the culture (the cute girls!) & the food! *drool* I’m already a huge fan of nasi goreng & sautee so it was sweet that they serve it, oh just practically everywhere there.

 The hotels were beautiful & my ppls hooked up a pretty rad birthday party for me, since the tour cut right through my ‘special day’. I missed my friends & fam but it was interesting to celebrate in a totally different country.

A surprise b-day present was a mini vacay in Bali, before the tour started… , it’s simply breathtaking. The villa I stayed in was gorgeous.. fresh squeezed watermelon juice every morning & a pool, cabana & jacuzzi right outside my door. Then if you walked down the path a little bit there were tiny pet monkeys harnessed to the trees. 

The actual shows were so much fun, had an amazing time ^_^

Here’s part 1 of the pics from the Tropical Bliss 2010 tour *click for full size*

<3 Koko Bliss

2010 Olympics Torch Relay as seen from my balcony
February 13th, 2010

It was 6:45 am and I wake up to someone yelling ‘Are you reaadyyyyyy?’ and loud music. I go to the balcony and look down to see the street lined with people with umbrellas and cop cars stationed at all corners. Suddenly the song switches and an Olympic torch runner comes jogging down the middle of the street, to meet another guy with an unlit torch waiting right infront of my building.  I grabbed my camera and caught the whole thing on film. If I wasn’t in my p.j’s I would have gone down to meet them too.

Enjoy the vid, it’s the first time I’ve tried to edit one

<3 Koko Bliss

Lebanon New Years
February 13th, 2010

Here’s some photos from my gig in Beirut, Lebanon. I had an amazing time overall.. learned a LOT & experienced new many new things.

Highlights of the trip:

- dropping my beats in a new country (obviously) what a rush!

- meeting some killer dj’s.. dj Pablo from Lebanon, and dj Avid from Jordan they both tore it up!

- checking out the many clubs and non-stop nightlife

- $1 beers!!! ^_^ (the whole exchange rate is pretty awesome I did mad shopping!)

- afterpartying in a man-made cave in the mountains

- all the beautiful sites:the Mediteranean Sea, mountains, hillsides..its all just breathtaking.

- meeting lots of new people to party with.. Laura & Ingrid <3 you girls! everywhere, even our waiter at Roadsters Cafe lol

Not so great:

- losing my luggage. for 2 days!! ..but thankfully I got it back intact

- my serato wouldn’t hook up at the club, so I had to leave, burn my set to cd’s at a friends house and rush back to spin my set on CDjs (always gonna be bringing a backup set on cdjs now)

- a lot of the food made me feel sick (even though it was delicious, so not fair)

- when they say don’t drink the water, DONT DO IT! I thought my Dunk ‘N’ donuts coffee was safe. I was wrong. :(

- the internet was so slow it should be in a new category. Updates during the trip were not an option, not even twitter.. my phone abandoned me.

- I got a migraine on the 15 hour flight home, and the tylenol I took made me nauseous, not to mention the 2 hours of turbulence, I was a wreck! I couldn’t even look at my in flight meal lol

lebanon 016b

Beirut @ night

lebanon 035bbb

boobs & my airplane reading material ;P

lebanon 043b

Breakfast 2 Breakfast menue full of yummy food

lebanon 049b


lebanon 059b

The tix for Playful Dream

lebanon 063b

scenery driving out of Beirut

lebanon 099b

The airport

lebanon 029bb

waiting to leave for Playful Dream

lebanon 126bb

mah outfit

lebanon 131bbb

my outfit and my wristband matched

lebanon 134b



party, party


watching dj Avid play his beats




dj Likker all up in my picture urgh.


Dj Pablo and me

lebanon 140bb

wooooo Happy New Year!

lebanon 141bb

Kristy is hot

lebanon 142bb


lebanon 150b

gorgeous view in the countryside

lebanon 184b

so many hills

lebanon 201b

*fap*fap*fap* this made me giggle lol..

lebanon 222b

Trippy cola

lebanon 250bb

more partying

lebanon 244bb

I forget the name of this club

lebanon 252bb

Kristy & moi

lebanon 263bb

posing with christmas decorations at Le Mall < it was called Le Mall

lebanon 299bb

hittin’ the Shisha

lebanon 326bb

another night of clubbing

lebanon 335b

Ingrid (right) and her adorable friend

lebanon 345b

Dj Pablo. His tech house killed it!

lebanon 349b

@ BO18.. so packed but what a vibe!

lebanon 352b

this club is litererally underground. luvd it

lebanon 437bb

my darling Laura and I

lebanon 440bb

Happy Lush mmmm vodka

lebanon 461b

Best. Crepe. Ever.

lebanon 226bbb

the end haha ;)

<3 Koko Bliss

Beirut & Boxing Day Madness
December 27th, 2009

I’m a lil bit disgusted buy the consumer greed that runs rampant through the crowds on boxing day, but I can’t say much about it this year as I myself had to dive into the throng headfirst. Usually I sleep through most of the day following Christmas, so maybe I’m just not desensitized to it? I had a good excuse though; leaving the country for two weeks starting tomorrow left me no choice but to brave the mall-chaos and plead with sales girls to let me do a couple exchanges while I picked up last minute essentials like batteries, foundation …and a couple skirts and tops that were such a good deal I’d be crazy not to pass them up. *blush*

They call it Boxingday Madness for a reason, the crush of my fellow bargain hunters was so thick I could barely move at times! My girlfriend and I expertly weaved our way in and out of the congestion like the seasoned shoppers we both are, but even still this was not a place to be if you were in a hurry (which I was) and we had to take frequent breaks outside to cool off and regain our composure. The day was hot and intense, I think we both walked off our Christmas dinner and then some, but we survived with noone getting too agressive and the general atmosphere was rushed but pleasant. Overall a surprisingly enjoyable experience, but the icing on the cake was my last stop. A big name electronics store that was so suffocating with shoppers you couldnt move unless you took ‘side roads’ meaning random deserted isles and circled around til you closed in on what you wanted. I almost lost my mind trying to find a Middle East compatible power adapter for my hair iron.. but finally a nice sales guy not only helped me but rang me up at one of those little stations, and in doing so let me cut in front of a good 20 people in line. (I didn’t realize there was a line when I asked him for help it was too crowded) Big thanks to my gf and the angel sales guy if you’re reading this you saved my day and my sanity!!! xx


It’s 10pm, I leave for Beirut, Lebanon at 2pm tomorrow and as usual I’m rushing around doing last minute things. I’m about 75% packed but I still have a whole list of things to do before I take off. My boy and I are playing at Citrus nightclub in downtown Beirut this New Years Eve, its going to be magical!!. My first overseas gig! =)

I will of course take many photos to share with all of you, but I may be a little out of touch for the next two weeks, I have no idea what kind of internet access I’ll have out there.

Here’s the flyer…


xoxo <3 Koko Bliss

Boobalicious Part 2 *with peektures!*
November 9th, 2009

Last night was magic and full of fun. The organizers of Boobalicious did an amazing job, transforming the Rocky Mountaineer Station into a whimsical indoor carnival of wonders..and boobs. Lots and lots of boobs. My breast casting wasn’t on til later in the evening so I had plenty of time to wander around and enjoy the live dj’s (shoutouts to mah boy dj Kraig who was rockin the decks), a band (kickass band I must find out their name) circus acrobats, carnival games, silent auction, little goodies being served, the bar.. well that one I couldn’t enjoy too much, it wouldn’t do to be all tipsy during the casting hehe.. body painted models in nothing but g-strings, fashion show, and they even had artists there working on boobie casts while you watched.

The evening rolled by and before long it was time to do my thing. First off the woman, Shaney Jo Darden is the same one who did both Tila Tequilas, & Katy Perrys castings, she’s handled so many famous boobies I was seriously jealous and yet honoured to be working with her. A little crowd formed, with my date right up front whom I’d coaxed to take photos and video during the whole process. The first step was to get topless (obviously) next Shaney covered my pants in a white garbage bag to protect them. Oh yes I was stylin hehe.. after that (you’ll like this part) I had to rub baby oil all over my twins, and stomach (she did my back) and as soon as that was done and I was all shiny and slippery.. she dipped some plaster cast in water and went to work. I thought it would be cold or uncomfortable but it was quite warm and felt good! She did the boobs first, then my upper torso and finally the back and before you could say “boobalicious” it was done!

I was covered in plaster so after cleaning up in the washroom I took some pics with my newly formed breasteses. Once the artist paints it, it will go up on where you can bid on it. I’ll keep you posted when it’s actually up, they didnt give me an exact time frame. I’m so excited to see the finished result!! *^_^*

Now for peektures…



Peace, Love, and Boobies!


Yay Party!!


kboob5 copy





This band kicked ass! *^_^*



Bra toss anyone?


the other boobie models



Demonstrating how to do a Breast self-exam


my sexy garbage bag skirt


yay this is lots of funnn weee


but now it’s time to get serious.


all oiled up ooOOoo


The one and only Shaney Jo Darden


holy boobs batman. She did such a great job!




It’s like standing beside my twin if my twin was just a torso..


more boobie casts


these were HUGE!!!


which one is me?

The Keep-a-Breast project was a really great experience for an even greater cause. For more information please visit and to learn more about the amazing woman who made it possible go to:

there’s a really great little feature on her there.

<3 Koko Bliss

November 6th, 2009

This Sat is Boobalicious and I’m totally stoked. They’re doing a live art installation of making breast casts, that will then be painted by artists and auctioned off, and I was asked to be one of the models. It’s going to be so much fun. Just think, some lucky guy (or girl) is going to have an art piece of my perky 34D’s immortalized on their mantle LOL. I hope they enjoy them very much (I know I do!)

Boobalicious is a fundraiser for Breast Cancer Prevention & Awareness, with the proceeds from the breast castings going to Keep-A-Breast for Breast Cancer Research. It’s such an important foundation and I’m elated to be able to lend my ‘girls’ for a good cause.

If you’re in the Vancouver area Saturday evening come check it out, there’s going to be all kinds of entertainment, fashion shows, delicious treats and so much more, all the details are on the event website posted below. Hope to see you there ;)

For more info:



<3 Koko Bliss