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You Pierced Your What!?!
December 2nd, 2009

I’ve always been fascinated by body modification. Below are my own ‘mods’.. I have the obligatory navel piercing every teenage girl had to have.. some pretty tiger lillies (unfinished) on my side abs and lower back microdermals that I seriously LOVE (courtesy of Russ Foxx in Vancity). I planned them out carefully since they’re all pretty much there for-ev-er, unless I have them lasered/surgically removed =P Below my pics are some interesting ideas that may not have been thought out so well.. >_<

blog mods 1 copy

side tiger lillies still waiting to be shaded in

blog mods 2 copy

blog mods 3 copy



I’m not sure how this girl is faring but I freak out if I get a tiny eyelash in my eye, let alone a big chunk of metal. It L00Ks neat tho.


Hmm.. well at least he’ll never lose his glasses ^_^


I get squeemish at the idea of anyone cutting into layers of my eyeball so I this one is hard for me to look at. Thankfully eye implant jewelry never caught on. (so far) I just like it cuz it’s shiny


This guy decided he wanted to give the sexy cowgirl on his leg some silicone upgrades, I have to admit its a great conversation piece… but unfortunately the implants rejected and had to be removed.


This is funny.. but I actually love a well done backpiece.. I think it’s incredibly hot.

<3 Koko Bliss

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Md.Mokarram says:

Ossumm………. Bt u dint menshen abt da groin part…..itz realli important for us to know :) :-*

Shady says:

I SO want one of those eye jewelry things!!!
I didn’t even know such a thing existed

admin says:

Shady if you get one you have to send me a photo! It’s soo pricey tho I looked it up:

Cosmetic Extra-Ocular Implant will cost you USD$4 000 upward.


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