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Looks like it would have been fun! band looks kind of bizarre though :P
How many castings were made on the day? I might look into bidding on one, defiantly for a good cause.

Lots of fun! The singer had silver platinum hair & rainbow feather wings.. he was simply fabulous ^_^

They did 4 castings, the ones shown above. If you bid and win mine lemme know :D

I think it’d be pretty cool if they put your tattoo on the side like you have it, make it really you. But then add to the rest of it to make it a true piece of art.

Looked like a lot of fun and can’t wait to see the final result! You’re doing a great thing and I’m glad you’re boobies are being put to good use ;)

oh and yours are the second from the left ;)

I am definately bidding! and yes it’s definately for a good cause…but those little sparkle censors are killing me!

I’m delighted! It’s refreshing to see someone very chuffed about what they do. Keep up the great work and I’ll return for more! Cheers!

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