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Boobalicious Part 2 *with peektures!*
November 9th, 2009

Last night was magic and full of fun. The organizers of Boobalicious did an amazing job, transforming the Rocky Mountaineer Station into a whimsical indoor carnival of wonders..and boobs. Lots and lots of boobs. My breast casting wasn’t on til later in the evening so I had plenty of time to wander around and enjoy the live dj’s (shoutouts to mah boy dj Kraig who was rockin the decks), a band (kickass band I must find out their name) circus acrobats, carnival games, silent auction, little goodies being served, the bar.. well that one I couldn’t enjoy too much, it wouldn’t do to be all tipsy during the casting hehe.. body painted models in nothing but g-strings, fashion show, and they even had artists there working on boobie casts while you watched.

The evening rolled by and before long it was time to do my thing. First off the woman, Shaney Jo Darden is the same one who did both Tila Tequilas, & Katy Perrys castings, she’s handled so many famous boobies I was seriously jealous and yet honoured to be working with her. A little crowd formed, with my date right up front whom I’d coaxed to take photos and video during the whole process. The first step was to get topless (obviously) next Shaney covered my pants in a white garbage bag to protect them. Oh yes I was stylin hehe.. after that (you’ll like this part) I had to rub baby oil all over my twins, and stomach (she did my back) and as soon as that was done and I was all shiny and slippery.. she dipped some plaster cast in water and went to work. I thought it would be cold or uncomfortable but it was quite warm and felt good! She did the boobs first, then my upper torso and finally the back and before you could say “boobalicious” it was done!

I was covered in plaster so after cleaning up in the washroom I took some pics with my newly formed breasteses. Once the artist paints it, it will go up on where you can bid on it. I’ll keep you posted when it’s actually up, they didnt give me an exact time frame. I’m so excited to see the finished result!! *^_^*

Now for peektures…



Peace, Love, and Boobies!


Yay Party!!


kboob5 copy





This band kicked ass! *^_^*



Bra toss anyone?


the other boobie models



Demonstrating how to do a Breast self-exam


my sexy garbage bag skirt


yay this is lots of funnn weee


but now it’s time to get serious.


all oiled up ooOOoo


The one and only Shaney Jo Darden


holy boobs batman. She did such a great job!




It’s like standing beside my twin if my twin was just a torso..


more boobie casts


these were HUGE!!!


which one is me?

The Keep-a-Breast project was a really great experience for an even greater cause. For more information please visit and to learn more about the amazing woman who made it possible go to:

there’s a really great little feature on her there.

<3 Koko Bliss

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Shady says:

Looks like it would have been fun! band looks kind of bizarre though :P
How many castings were made on the day? I might look into bidding on one, defiantly for a good cause.

admin says:

Lots of fun! The singer had silver platinum hair & rainbow feather wings.. he was simply fabulous ^_^

They did 4 castings, the ones shown above. If you bid and win mine lemme know :D

Stephen says:

I think it’d be pretty cool if they put your tattoo on the side like you have it, make it really you. But then add to the rest of it to make it a true piece of art.

Looked like a lot of fun and can’t wait to see the final result! You’re doing a great thing and I’m glad you’re boobies are being put to good use ;)

oh and yours are the second from the left ;)

hot4kori says:

I am definately bidding! and yes it’s definately for a good cause…but those little sparkle censors are killing me!

I’m delighted! It’s refreshing to see someone very chuffed about what they do. Keep up the great work and I’ll return for more! Cheers!

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