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a lil about me
September 30th, 2009

~*~ About me ~*~

I’m 5’3, 106 lbs , measurement 34-25-34

eyes: silvery light blue

hair: naturally a chocolately brown but it changes

Interests: dj’ing..all things music [from electronic to death metal]..gogo-dancing..playing with my puppy..reading horror novels and psi-fi, anime, DDR.. japanese (gyaru) fashions.. random adventures, sexy girls, graff art, graphic design.. photography, snow boarding.. body modificaton [I have tigerlilies on my side abs, and microdermals on my lower back, luv em].. latex, pvc, corsettry, burlesque, PS3 (shaun white snowboarding, GTA4, warhawk, guitar hero ;P ) Wii (bowling, Red Steel, Kororinpa) umm..I think thats about it, I’m pretty random I guess lol.

favorite food – I have 3. steak, perogies and cheesecake.

favorite color – right now its blue

favorite books – anything by Stephen King, and Do Androids dream of electric sheep by Philip K. Dick. I have a thing for scary novels and science fiction.

Favorite Movies – dark comedies.. anything kinda twisted lol. ie Party Monster AND Anime [Ghost in the Shell is my favorite so far] all the Oceans movies & 5th Element

Favorite sexy things to wear – thigh highs with stiletto heels, corsets, or anything made from vinyl or latex

Pets – I have 2 kitties named Ninja and Mary Jane, and one crazy/cute Russian Toy Terrier that answers to Sasha

turn ons – I love having my neck kissed, and if you can give a good body massage I’ll melt like butter ^_^

turn offs – arrogance and ignorance.

…………. some FAQs

What do you play – I spin mostly Electro House, Club House or Breaks depending on the event. Occasionally hip-hop and top 40 but I prefer electronic music

Vinyl or Cd’s ? Always Vinyl. Sometime with Serato but I LOVE my vinyls

How long – I’ve been a dj just almost two years, a model for 3 years now

Are you a pornstar? Nope. Somewhat of an exhibitionist though. I’m very comfortable with my body. ;)