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Naughty Nurse Koko
November 2nd, 2009

Hey guys, well my Halloween was a DISASTER! Thurs night I came down with the flu, a trip to the hospital @ 2 am confirmed it was H1N1. Oh joy. So needless to say the party was cancelled, but amazingly enough I only spent 2 full days feeling really sick. I holed up here with my roomie (also sick) and we watched movies and ate soup and Halloween candy. The last of which prolly wasn’t the best idea but I refused to have a Halloween without candy! I was shocked to hear how many people were going out to party even tho they knew they were sick, so I suspect even more of my friends will catch it this week if they haven’t already. Now the doctor specifically said I had H1N1 aka Swine Flu (ew) but I didn’t find the symptoms that bad, no worse then any other annual flu. By day 3 I was able to function again ^_^ I hope all of you had a more exciting Halloween then I did lol!

It wouldn’t be Halloween if I didn’t post some silly costume pics.. I wanted to do the ZoMbIe NuRsE, but I’m too lazy to do all the make-up right now so you’ll have to make do with these instead ;P








<3 Koko Bliss

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RSS 2.0 Feed for comments on this post 12 Comments to “Naughty Nurse Koko”

R10 says:

you’re Hot!
i want more than that!

EricV says:

Ummm… Nurse KoKo, My blood pressure just went up!

Ariel Rebel says:

I’m so sorry you got sick :( Glad to hear you are feeling a little bit better :) I would send you some soup if I could but you are a tiny bit too far :(

So I’m sending you good vibrations instead :)

Thanks for adding my blog in to your list I will do it on my site too :)

Take Care!

Ariel xxxx

johan oelofsr says:

love the pic”s korina nice very nice

Shady says:

Oh wow, very nice!

Shame about the flu though, hope you get better :)

Stephen says:

Oooo a Bonus bum shot ;) Love the outfit even more

Hope you’re feeling better

retarded dinosaur says:

hope ya feel better darlin

the photos are sexy by the way ;}

Joe says:

Marry me Now! Doctors and Nurses make such great couples…

AmunRa says:

Do want

vikingt says:

very nice!

admin says:

aw thanks everyone! I’m fully recovered now. It was only 2 days of feeling really sick, now I just have annoying sniffles bleh :S


<3 Koko Bliss

ryan says:

wow… perfect body! Check my temperature anytime :P

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