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Spotlight On: dj Miss Dust
December 1st, 2009

hmm I seem to have a thing for blondes lately. But my girl dj Miss Dust is not your typical blonde or typical girl for that matter! I haven’t known her for very long but this gorgeous, outgoing, vivacious chika is one of those ppl you can’t help but luv right away. ‘Dusty’ is a killer dj and has been owning the decks about 10 years now, rocking shows and dusting crowds all over the US, Canada and Mexico, while playing alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Her bio is just too much to list here, check out her myspace if you want to read it ^_^

some of her choons

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<3 Koko Bliss

Vote 4 me on theDJList!!!
November 4th, 2009

Vote 4 me on TheDJList!!

…if you love me blush << go here, type my name and click on it in the drop down menue. click vote

How do I vote for my favorite DJ(s)?

1. Become a member.
2. Sign-in and click the “Vote Now!” link in the middle of the screen.
3. Enter your top 10 favorite DJs (1st favorite to 10th Favorite) and click “Submit”.
4. Review your votes. Then click “Approve”.
5. Done!

thankyou so much my loves <333 Koko Bliss

dun be Jockin my Fresh
October 23rd, 2009

another crazy vid.. this one’s been stuck in my head for hours now L0L

<3 Koko Bliss

mmmm.. You Set My Soul Alive
October 6th, 2009

This is a great song to bang to, or I suppose… make love if you’re into that. =P There’s also a pretty sick Electro House remix to go with it.

Fakemake Custom Labels
October 5th, 2009

I just got my ugly generic serato vinyls upgraded thanks to my boy Ronnie @ Fakemake Studio, a company that make serato vinyl stickers and laptop decals. I had them custom designed and I love love LOVE them!

The first design is my logo, the 2nd I wanted to do something with the bunny head, but more bad-ass so we X’d out the eyes and added crossbones. they are b0mb.



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Want your own? you can order them right through this website:

or join their facebook group

xx Koko B

Pursuit of Happiness
October 2nd, 2009

My friend just showed me this track, Pursuit of Happiness – the latest release by the one like Kid Cudi It’s chill, catchy as hell and imo great to sit around and blaze to on a lazy sunday. Check it out xx

a lil about me
September 30th, 2009

~*~ About me ~*~

I’m 5’3, 106 lbs , measurement 34-25-34

eyes: silvery light blue

hair: naturally a chocolately brown but it changes

Interests: dj’ing..all things music [from electronic to death metal]..gogo-dancing..playing with my puppy..reading horror novels and psi-fi, anime, DDR.. japanese (gyaru) fashions.. random adventures, sexy girls, graff art, graphic design.. photography, snow boarding.. body modificaton [I have tigerlilies on my side abs, and microdermals on my lower back, luv em].. latex, pvc, corsettry, burlesque, PS3 (shaun white snowboarding, GTA4, warhawk, guitar hero ;P ) Wii (bowling, Red Steel, Kororinpa) umm..I think thats about it, I’m pretty random I guess lol.

favorite food – I have 3. steak, perogies and cheesecake.

favorite color – right now its blue

favorite books – anything by Stephen King, and Do Androids dream of electric sheep by Philip K. Dick. I have a thing for scary novels and science fiction.

Favorite Movies – dark comedies.. anything kinda twisted lol. ie Party Monster AND Anime [Ghost in the Shell is my favorite so far] all the Oceans movies & 5th Element

Favorite sexy things to wear – thigh highs with stiletto heels, corsets, or anything made from vinyl or latex

Pets – I have 2 kitties named Ninja and Mary Jane, and one crazy/cute Russian Toy Terrier that answers to Sasha

turn ons – I love having my neck kissed, and if you can give a good body massage I’ll melt like butter ^_^

turn offs – arrogance and ignorance.

…………. some FAQs

What do you play – I spin mostly Electro House, Club House or Breaks depending on the event. Occasionally hip-hop and top 40 but I prefer electronic music

Vinyl or Cd’s ? Always Vinyl. Sometime with Serato but I LOVE my vinyls

How long – I’ve been a dj just almost two years, a model for 3 years now

Are you a pornstar? Nope. Somewhat of an exhibitionist though. I’m very comfortable with my body. ;)